love hockey? you'll fit right in.

all ages and skill levels will enjoy our facility

The Ice House is a hockey skills development, fitness and recreation facility providing accessible and affordable hockey related practice, training, sport specific fitness and recreational activities to hockey enthusiasts. We leverage synthetic ice hockey training equipment. We welcome all ages, genders and skill levels, to our casual, yet professional, environment.

Skating Treadmill Clinic with Coach Jason Soules - Feb. 7, 14, 21 & Mar 7.

We focus on augmenting your skill development through fundamental skills training, fitness and — yes — fun!

We offer casual, walk-in traffic…. much like going to the batting cages or driving range, The Ice House is a place where you can work on your shot, or your skating, or your stick-handling — whenever you feel like it. Just grab your skates and stick and head over.

The Ice House is a facility for the beginner… whether you are a young child learning to skate or play hockey or an adult who wants to play the game for the first time, it’s an environment for you to use at your pace and leisure, without pressure.

For the more serious players, The Ice House is a facility that will enable the developing athlete to train hard and monitor their development progress through a data collection system. This can be done as individuals taking advantage of low membership rates, participate in clinics or private instruction or via teams renting the facility for training.

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Monday to Friday - 10am to 9pm Saturday & Sunday - 9am to 6pm


Monday to Friday - 3pm to 7pm Saturday & Sunday - 12pm to 6pm


Fitness zone only - all hours